About Us
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About Us

Kelly Peterson Roper Body Shop

Kelly Peterson


Kelly has worked at Roper’s for 33 years and always tried to do right by his customers, his employees, and the Roper family. He is a worker and a thinker who is always open to new ideas and new ways of doing things. He is a gearhead and an audiophile, needing music as much as the air he breathes. He also loves the outdoors, camping, hiking, and chasing his wife through the woods!


Kelly is patient to a fault and never gives up. He is the boss. He has hired over 30-40 employees in his career and fired just as many. This would explain the gray hair…

Michael Cooper


A more recent addition to our team, Michael knows cars very well and Ford is his preference. He’s definitely a gearhead and will talk Mustangs and Cougars all day if you get him started. He is always tinkering on a car.


Mike is very honest, has a great attitude, and loves to take care of people. He’s always there for his customers, his friends, and family…heck, everyone, really! He adores his family. He’s also a runner. A really fast runner.


The first time we met, we were impressed by his attitude and character. Our opinion has improved since then.

Sharon Prather

Sharon has worked at Roper’s for six years. She is very detail oriented and can multitask all day long. She watches over our office like a hawk, handles most of the phone calls, and she is the first face you will see when walking in our door.


She understands the claim and repair process and can guide you through all of the hoops to help you take the next step. If you’re unsure of what to do, Sharon will lead you. She is THE person to know if you have a question. If she doesn’t have the answer, she’ll find it.


Sharon is an extremely generous and loving mother and wife. Once she befriends you, she will have your back and fight tooth and nail for you. She can be as mean as a scalded cat and as caring as a mother hen.


Sharon dreams of owning a hotel someday.

Keith Neblett

Metal Technician

Keith has worked for Roper Body Shop for 10 years. He is a superb body man and can do anything that needs to be done to the body of a car, though he prefers to let someone else paint. He’s the best dent man and body sculptor we’ve ever seen.


Keith’s nickname is ‘Smiley’ and he loves hot rods. He probably collects way more old cars than his wife would like.


Keith is a “can do” kinda guy. He is good at multitasking and likes to be overloaded with work. He will do anything for someone he trusts. The last time Roper’s was closed due to snow, Keith and his wife spent the day driving around Joplin helping people push their vehicles out of snowdrifts.


That’s just the kind of guy he is.

Greg (Bubba) Conrow

Parts & Material Manager/Inside Appraiser

Greg has worked for Roper about five years. As a career parts man, Greg has more contacts than the rest of us combined and is well known throughout the parts world in our area. He can rattle off part numbers for 20 years ago and tell you what parts he most commonly sells for your vehicle. He has a mind like the proverbial steel trap.


Bubba loves the outdoors, golf, his family, and football. He comes to work ready to work along with a great attitude every single day. Greg is also a planner and is already working on his retirement ideas.

James Rushin

Refinish Technician

James has worked at Toper Body Shop for 17 years. He is trained in all areas of PPG auto finish technology, is a tinting color specialist, has a very good eye, and is skilled in many other areas.


He has a great attitude. He’s the kind of guy that comes in ready to go, full of fire. He DOES NOT appreciate when body men are slacking on the job, though he has been known to slack a little himself.


James builds crazy fast buggies, like scary fast, and has been in many wrecks. He’s also a great chess player who is always working the angles.


He is our longest serving employee and is a man who always has your back and is constantly striving for success.

Richard Fedie

Metal Technician

Richard has worked for Roper Body Shop for two years. He can do it all. He does a good bit of our mechanical work. He is easily the most unique character in the shop. He’s always thinking. Always. He’s very tenacious; once committed to something, he will not give up and will take any side of an argument and debate until you give up. He is also a dedicated family man and husband.

Skyler Anderson

Cosmetic Repair Specialist

Skyler has worked for Roper Body Shop for the last 6 years. He is a specialist in touch-up, buffing, and paint. His paint jobs are very clean due to his especially steady hands. He is a perfectionist who really can slow down and focus on the tiny details of a job. His expertise and specialization have opened up new areas of business for us. Skyler is a very important young man.


Skyler has an easy smile. He also loves guns and hunting as well as spending time in the outdoors. He is also very wise for his age. He rode out the tornado in 2011 and lost almost everything, but he started his life over and has a beautiful family and home in the country.

Spencer Fields

Apprentice Technician

Spencer had apprenticed with us for a year before graduating and coming to work with us full-time. He’s a young man with a great attitude, good work ethic, and is always willing to do anything we ask of him. Every technician at Roper’s welcomes him to their stall because he is so helpful and makes their work more quick and efficient. He’s definitely one of our “go to” hands.


Like many of who were right out of school, Spencer often times shows up literally putting shoes on, still half asleep. He never comes into work in the same vehicle more than twice in a row.

Todd Vestal

Metal Technician

Todd has been working for Roper Body Shop for two years. We stole him from a shop over in Springfield. He loves deep, heavy bodywork. If it involves cutting parts off and welding on new parts, he’s happy. When it comes to hard hits, this man is a machine.


Todd loves golf, hunting, and the outdoors, rode out Hurricane Katrina, and has more tools than anyone in our shop!

Brad Kent

Metal Technician

Brad is good at writing estimates, figuring tickets, doing body work and painting cars. He’s an all-around man. Very steady and very patient…never slows down, and stays focused on his work. Brad talks less than any other man in the shop and completes every single task we ask of him.


Brad makes his very own special secret barbeque sauce and wears a Superman ring!

Roper Body Shop