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Roper employees have fixed it all, whether it’s front or rear bumper damage, a dent in your door, or a deer darted in front of you in the dark (a common occurrence in the fall). 

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Whatever your vehicle needs—tinted windows, dent removal, wheel restoration, paint work—Roper Body Shop will make it look like that wreck never happened while providing exceptional customer service.

Kelly Peterson


Kelly has worked at Roper's for 33 years and always tried to do right by his customers, his employees, and the Roper family. He is a worker and a thinker who is always open to new ideas and new ways of doing things. He is a gearhead and an audiophile, needing music as much as the air he breathes. He also loves the outdoors, camping, hiking, and chasing his wife through the woods!

Kelly is patient to a fault and never gives up. He is the boss. He has hired over 30-40 employees in his career and fired just as many. This would explain the gray hair...

Keith Neblett

Metal Technician

Keith has worked for Roper Body Shop for 10 years. He is a superb body man and can do anything that needs to be done to the body of a car, though he prefers to let someone else paint. He's the best dent man and body sculptor we've ever seen.

Keith's nickname is 'Smiley' and he loves hot rods. He probably collects way more old cars than his wife would like.

Keith is a "can do" kinda guy. He is good at multitasking and likes to be overloaded with work. He will do anything for someone he trusts. The last time Roper's was closed due to snow, Keith and his wife spent the day driving around Joplin helping people push their vehicles out of snowdrifts.

That's just the kind of guy he is.

Kevin Nichols


Angie Guillory

Logan “Sticks” KelleyLogan “Sticks” Kelley

Logan Kelley


William “NTB” FlemingWilliam “NTB” Fleming

William Fleming